Laboratory Balance Digital GO300A

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Weighing Instrument GO-300A series High Precision Balance:

  • Appearance style hale, fashion and easy, strong motion
  • The body is made of PC alloy materials, solid and durable
  • Scale is made of high quality stainless steel with SUS304
  • Screen LCD display, backlight is soft and easy to read
  • Switch the humanized design, fast reaction
  • With the features of easy counting weighing mode, easy to operate
  • Equipped with g, ct, oz of 21 kinds of commonly used international quality unit;
  • Full range tarring unction;
  • Standard RS232 interface, can connect with he printer computer or others equipment
  • AC/DC adaptor, rechargeable battery inside
Item No. GO300A
Capacity(g) 300
Readability(g) 0.001
Repeatability(g) ±0.002
Linearity(g) ±0.002
Working Temperature(℃) 10-40
working voltage DC12V
CAL Auto
RS232(connector) Yes
Warm-up time(min) 20-30min
Frame Size(LxWxH) 292x218x227 mm
Packing Size(LxWxH 400x300x200 mm
Tray Size(mm) Ø118 mm
Effective Height 145
Weight(kg) 3.1
Balance 0.001 to 300gm GO300A Insmark
Balance 0.01 to 2000gm GO2000B Insmark
Balance 0.01 to 600gm GO600B Insmark
Balance 0.01 to 1000gm GO1000B Insmark
Balance 0.1 to 3000gm GO3000C D Insmark
Balance 0.1 to 3000gm GO3000C Insmark
Balance Digital SF 400 1-7000g China Balance SF-400
Balance Digital SF 400 A 0.1-500g  China Balance SF-400A
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