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  • Graphite atomizer (graphite tube) Instructions
  • 1, the current graphite tube by heating different longitudinal and transverse heated graphite tube heated graphite tube of the points.
    Portrait heated graphite tube are:
    Standard graphite tube – for temperature ≤2000 ℃ atomic elements, such as test Cd, Pb, Ag and other elements.
    Coating graphite tube – suitable for low, medium and high temperature atomic elements.
    Platform plating tube – suitable for medium and low temperature atomic elements, the advantage is accuracy, eliminate the strong interference.
    Transversely heated graphite tube are:
    With platform graphite tube – suitable for low, medium and high temperature atomic elements, good accuracy, eliminating strong interference.
    Without platform graphite tube – suitable for low, medium and high atomic elements.
    2, when the graphite cone has been used before loading the graphite tube should graphite and graphite tube cone at the contact with the squeeze alcohol swab to clean process, and will be loaded into a graphite tube furnace, the correction injection holes.
    3, start the instrument pre-designed air firing procedures, air burning graphite tube, graphite tube air burning absorbance absorbance values ​​approximate a small or zero.
    4, adjusting the autosampler capillary depth of insertion of the graphite tube. In the lower end of the blank just droplets come into contact with the inner wall of the graphite tube, while droplets from the upper end of the injection capillary also order shall prevail.
    5, protective gas furnace should be used with high purity (≥99.99%) of an inert gas such as argon instead of using nitrogen. Because the vast majority of nitrogen gas absorption values ​​lower metal elements and at a high temperature to generate toxic CN molecule of carbon graphite tube, resulting in severe molecular emission and background absorption. While graphite tube life than when using argon as protective gas to be short.
    6, for a number of new graphite tube assay must be measured elements drying temperature and time, ashing temperature and time selection test, atomization temperature and time to obtain the optimum temperature and time of the analyte . Because each batch of graphite tube how much resistance there will be differences.
    7, please keep in mind the analyst: the sample solution must not contain perchloric acid, sulfuric acid and other strong oxidizing media, otherwise damage to the graphite tube quickly and severely. In particular sample decomposition with hydrofluoric acid, perchloric acid rush after operating hydrofluoric acid, perchloric acid must be cleaned, otherwise there will be the beginning of a standard curve measured well, soon appeared absorption measured sample solution values ​​vary greatly, test data can not be adopted, then the solution data measurement standards deteriorate.
    8, when measured using graphite furnace element, preferably absorbance peak form area without the use of peak height measurement form, so bring a small error, while the use of peak height measurement, too many factors, will bring greater error.
    9, measurement, drying, ashing, except residual phase, graphite tube gas path, outside air must flow argon; internal air path stop gas atomization stage, heating time is generally 2-3 seconds; Determination high-temperature atomic elements with maximum power heating, low temperature atomic elements in 1 second or 0.X second heat.

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  • Product Description:
  • Dimensions: Φ7 × 28mm The graphite tube is suitable for Thermo company produced atomic absorption spectrometer series graphite furnace atomizer, also apply to domestic equipment manufacturers produce the same type of atomic absorption spectrometer series graphite furnace atomizer.